How are taxes and duties paid?

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The Importer of Record – which is you, not AEB Logistics – will be responsible for paying all the taxes and duties. An Entry Summary must be filed along with payment for duties and taxes within 10 days of entry submission.

Depending on the agreement with AEB Logistics, we can also pay the taxes and duties on your behalf, and we will bill the amount to you afterwards. In this case, you should have filled up Power of Attorney when you first worked with AEB Logistics to authorize us to clear the customs, pay the duties & taxes for you.

Amazon will not be responsible for or collect any duties, taxes or shipping costs associated with FBA inventory. All shipments are required to use Delivered Duty Paid (DDP) shipping terms. Any shipment arriving at an Amazon fulfillment center with collect charges, including any duties, taxes or shipping costs, will be refused without further concession.

While Amazon will not act as the Importer of Record, Amazon may be listed as the Ultimate Consignee on your shipping documentation only if the name of the Amazon entity is followed by “in care of FBA.”

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