How to Refer a friend & Earn 3% Commission

Alan Fan

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Option#1: Click the “Share by email” button at your AEB dashboard https://aeblogistics.com/my-account/referralprogram/. An email can be sent to your friend after email address is input.

The email includes:

– Your name

– Name of your account manager at AEB Logistics

– A link to sign up at AEB website and how to contact AEB Logistics

The email DOES NOT include:

– Your email address & other contact details

Option#2: Tell your account manager something about your referral such as contact information, business opportunity in place, etc. Your AEB account manager will reach out to your referral even without mentioning your name & try to secure orders.

Congratulations! Once your referral pays, AEB pay 3% of invoice amount as Commission to you via PayPal or Payoneer.

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