How will the shipment arrive at Amazon warehouse?

Alan Fan

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After your cargo clears customs, the shipment is ready to be delivered to Amazon warehouse. There are two options for delivery: using Amazon-partnered carriers (which may cost a little bit more), or use your own carriers as arranged by AEB Logistics.

If you decide to use your own carrier, you need to provide AEB with a Bill of Lading (BoL, or B/L) for each shipment, so that we can schedule a delivery appointment at the Amazon warehouse. You will need to complete the Amazon FBA booking form and email it with the Amazon carrier manual to AEB. With this form, we can schedule a delivery appointment via Amazon’s Carrier Appointment Request Portal.

Because Amazon requires that all FBA shipments be delivered to their warehouse at very specific times (sometimes late at night with a very narrow delivery window), this may result in delays in the initial transit time presented for your shipment.

For LCL, only once the goods arrive at AEB’s warehouse in the country of destination can we make delivery appointment with Amazon.

Feel free to reach out with any questions about this delivery window.

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