Using UPS for Last-Mile Delivery to Amazon Warehouses

Alan Fan

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If you’re planning to use UPS to deliver to the Amazon warehouse itself, then your initial shipping destination will be a warehouse of AEB Logistics which will then schedule UPS pickup from there once the goods arrive.

Labeling would be handled as usual – ideally at the factory. The supplier would need to put on both the FBA labels and the UPS labels.

Alternatively, AEB Logistics can do the labeling (FBA and/or UPS) and then coordinate UPS pickup from our location. Note that we will charge for the labeling.

UPS delivery is ideal when Amazon gives you multiple destination warehouses; you can arrange for one international shipment to AEB’s warehouse, and have AEB split them up for you.

UPS will generally only take loose cargo, usually about a dozen or so boxes at a time. If your goods exceed this size or are being shipped on pallets, then UPS may have difficulty with the final transport.

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