【USA】Importing FBA for Non-US Based Businesses

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In order to pay the required customs and duties when your goods arrive from overseas, you need to provide two contacts based in the country you’re shipping to:

Importer of record – responsible for paying customs and duties, plus any liabilities related to the customs.

Ultimate consignee – that’s essentially the official contact for the customs authority if there’s any problem.

Most US imports are done by US companies – it’s simply the most straightforward way of importing goods because the CBPA (Customs Border and Protection Agency) will only approve shipments for companies that have an American Tax ID.

Many companies get concerned that they won’t be able to import into the US if their business is not based in the US.

But have no fear – you can indeed import into the US – as long as you establish a Foreign Importer of Record. Please contact AEB Logistics for all arrangements.

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