Can I track my shipment?

Alan Fan

Last Update a year ago

Sure thing! The tracking information can be found on the order page of the AEB portal.

There are 3 key milestones:

  • Accepted: Your order is accepted by AEB Logistics who will be in contacts with you and your supplier. Once shipment at origin is picked up by AEB - EXW/Ex-work - or delivered by supplier to AEB warehouse - FOB, order status becomes in-transit.
  • In-transit: AEB receives your shipment at origin! Once a ship or plane is booked as early as possible by AEB, an estimated date of delivery to you shall be available. There are more updates as shipment is in transit!

  1. Export Customs: When export customs declaration is completed in origin country.
  2. Export Departure: When shipment leaves from origin country.
  3. Import Entry: When import entry is completed in destination country.
  4. Import Arrival: When shipment arrives in destination country.

  • Delivered: While your shipment is still on the way, an estimated date of delivery to you shall be available. Dedicated team of AEB Logistics keep eyes on daily developments & updating estimated delivery date if needed till you have your shipment in hands physically!

These updates are made on daily basis by a dedicated team.

For additional updates, you can send a message to your AEB account manager or chat on line.

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